Military Service Member

For Military License Plate Applications, CLIC​K HERE.

License Expiration for Active Duty Military 

If your license is set to expire before you return stateside, you have some options.  

1)WV Code 17B-2-12 has language that reads “The driver's license of any person in the Armed Forces shall expire six months after the date on which the person is separated from active duty in the Armed Forces under honorable circumstances.”  This means you have plenty of time to renew your license after you return!

2)If you still wish to renew you can do so online at: Keep in mind online license renewals will be mailed to the mailing address on file. The face of your license lists your physical address, which in most cases is also the mailing address. Your mailing address can be different. You can update your mailing address in person at the time of license renewal or do so by completing a change of address form, DMV Form DMV-98-TRB. You can get a copy of this form here.  You can mail this form with a copy of your current license to the address listed on the form. After the mailing address has been processed the online license renewal will mail the license to the new mailing address.  

If you are active military and need a motorcycle endorsement, you will need the following:
An application for a driver’s license
A copy of your WV driver’s license/front and back
A copy of your motorcycle safety card from the class you took on base/front and back
A copy of your military orders

Once you provide your information to the DMV, the endorsement will be added to your driver’s license. You will need to wait approximately 7-10 days and go online and order a duplicate driver’s license. You will receive a letter to use on base until you can receive your duplicate license. (Make sure someone is at your address on record to receive your duplicate driver’s license. WV DMV mail is not forwarded)​

​Personal Property Taxes for Out of State Military

​If you are a West Virginia resident in the Armed Forces stationed outside of West Virginia, an exemption exists for ONE vehicle (see below).There is a military personal property tax exemption for the West Virginia Resident, stationed out of West Virginia. This exemption allows ONE vehicle to be exempt. Since registration renewal can be done online, you should ensure your information is up to date with the County Assessor's Office in the county in which your vehicle is registered. 

Most offices verify military enlistment with a current copy of the taxpayers deployment or change of station orders. These orders should be dated as close to the assessment period as possible. If the taxpayers available orders reflect an extended time of enlistment, the dates on the orders should be made plainly visible and explained by the taxpayer. Deployment orders are to be presented each year unless otherwise arranged with the Assessor’ Office. A list of all County Assessors Offices can be found here:

Military Even Exchange Program 

If you had a Military Transport Occupational Specialty designation while in the military, you may be able to use those documents to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). 

See below! The ability to obtain a CDL based on a Military Transport Occupational Specialty it is limited​ to certain military occupations by branch of service. The federal oversight agency for this program is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).The FMCSA may approve other military occupational specialties eligible for this exemption in the future. Currently the eligible Military Branch and Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) for Even Exchange program are as follows: US ARMY: 88M, 92F, 14T/ US AIR FORCE: 2T1, 2F0, 3E2 / US MARINE CORPS: 3531 / US NAVY: EO
For additional FMCSA information on the Even Exchange Program, use this link:​

As the SDLA the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles is state agency for all Even Exchange eligibility.  

For more information on this program at the state level, or for a personal evaluation of eligibility you may send your request via email to:​ or it can be mailed to: Even Exchange  P.O. Box 17010 Charleston, WV 25317