Military License Plate Applications

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DMV-47-NGR:  Application for a National Guard or Armed Forces Reserves License Plate

DMV-48:  Application for a Veteran License Plate

DMV-48-A:  Application for a Special Second Military License Plate

DMV-48-B:  Application for a Purple Heart License Plate

DMV-48-C:  Application for a Pearl Harbor Survivor License Plate​​

DMV-48-D:  Application for a Disabled Veteran License Plate

DMV-48-DI:  Application for a Disabled Veteran Mobility Impaired License Plate

DMV-48-E:  Application for a Prisoner of War License Plate

DMV-48F:  Application for a Surviving Spouse Special Military License Plate

​​DMV-48G:  Application for a Marine Corps League License Plate

DMV-48H:  Application for a Disabled American Veterans (DAV) License Plate

DMV-48-HA:  Application for a Special Honorary Military Service Award License Plate

DMV-48-J:  Application for an American Legion License Plate

DMV-48-L:  Application for a Gold Star Family License Plate

DMV-48-MR:  Application for a Special ​Military Retiree License ​Plate

DMV-48-SA:  Application for a Special Military Service Award License Plate

DMV-48-VS: ​ Application for a Special Veteran Service License Plate

DMV-49-AB:  Application for an 82 Airborne Div. Association License Plate

DMV-54-AM:  Application for Use of Antique Military Registration

​​​If Veterans Assistance verification is needed for your application, click here for a list of Dept. of Veterans Assistance office locations to find the help nearest you. ​​​​​​​​​