Welcome to the West Virginia Digital Title Verification Portal

​A West Virginia Digital Title is legal digital evidence of ownership for a motor vehicle. The West Virginia Digital Title was added to the 2024 JD Power Handbook as a valid format of vehicle title. Both in-state and out-of-state titling authorities across America are required to recognize the West Virginia Digital Title as legal proof of ownership.

While more than 27 states have electronic titling systems in place to expedite the transfer of titled assets, West Virginia's Digital Title stands out in the industry as a fully transactable digital credential.

Much like a mobile boarding pass, the Digital Title enables the holder to quickly, easily and more accurately conduct a transaction using the digital credential. In the case of Digital Title, the holder can buy, sell, transfer, or trade a vehicle.

Digital Titles help ensure that the system of record is continuously updated. Whenever an attribute of the title changes—such as a lien being filed, a brand being added, or a new owner being listed—the Digital Title is immediately updated in the system.

Verification and authentication of the Digital Title can be acc​​omplished in two ways: by running an NMVTIS VIN inquiry, as is done with standard title transactions, and/or via this site, the West Virginia Verification portal, which provides direct authentication against the current West Virginia record.