Electronic Lien and Title (ELT)

West Virginia ELT Program for Lenders and ELT Service Providers

West Virginia is excited to announce to launch of our Electronic Lien and Title program. Electronic Lien and Title, also known as ELT, is a paperless way for lienholders to file, release, correct or transfer liens. The benefits of ELT for both lienholders and the DMV include:

  • Reduce errors due to the elimination of manual entry 
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs due to the elimination of the need to print, handle, manage and mail paper forms associated with your lien portfolio
  • Dramatically reduce the opportunities for fraud associated with titles and liens
  • Eliminate the need to store physical titles, all lienholder titles are electronic
  • Titles can't be lost as the e-titles have replaced the secure paper title
  • Increased visibility into title status and necessary actions
  • Fast and secure lien releases provide improved customer service for vehicle owners
  • Digital processes improve efficiency by reducing redundant steps

West Virginia’s ELT program allows all lienholders to easily file, confirm, manage, and release liens they fund for West Virginian Citizens. West Virginia is the first state in the US to implement an ELT solution with 4 different levels of service, providing a solution that will provide extraordinary benefits to any lienholder lending in the state, regardless of size or volume of transactions.

As mentioned above, there are 4 classes of ELT services available for lenders. Two of these service offerings are provided by Lender Service Providers, and two are delivered via a direct lender facing web portal (ELT Lender Portal).​​

ELT Lender Portal

​For lienholders who want to participate in ELT directly to manage your electronic liens. Services are offered through a Standard Service, or an enhanced Premium Service.

ELT Service Providers

For lienholders with higher volumes and / or those involved with multi-state lending and want to leverage an ELT Service Provider. Our service offering includes a Batch Service, as well as a real time API Service.​​