The National Digital Titling Clearinghouse

Created by West Virginia for all states and territories

Expedite vehicle titles across state lines online.

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The nation’s first digital vehicle titling clearinghouse now allows auto retailers, insurance carriers, fleet operators, and lenders nationwide to gain​​ new titles, transfer titles, or replace titles through the West Virginia DMV online, even when the vehicle is located in another jurisdiction.

  • Digital Title - ​Securely store and access an authentic, fully digital title ready to use or print when needed. No more lost hard copies! Paper titles will be available until the WV DMV fully transitions to a digital title solution.​
  • No Mailing / No Paper - All Clearinghouse transactions are submitted and approved electronically​, reducing shipping costs and time delays.
  • Proven and Stable Technology - West Virginia digitally processes thousands of titles per day, a system unmatched in scale or stability by any other.
  • No system upgrade required - Begin processing title transactions digitally today via an API to integrate directly with your backend system for direct processing.
  • Best in class system of record - Powered by an immutable system of record to track provenance, which provides additional security and enhanced data feeds, the Clearinghouse enables faster and easier transactions on your asset.
  • Industry support - 45+ participants have shared best practices to the state’s DMV as members of the Clearinghouse Advisory Group.

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​​To manage your personal vehicle, visit the West V​irginia DMV’s online service​s​​.​​


Paper or Digital Titles​​​