If you want to operate a motorcycle on the public roads, you must obtain either a motorcycle endorsement (F) on your driver's license or a Class F motorcycle only driver's license.

First, you must take a knowledge test at your local DMV office in order to obtain your learner’s permit. A Motorcycle Driver Handbook has been prepared to help you pass the tests. The permit is valid during daylight hours only and does not permit a passenger. The permit is valid for 18​0 days and cannot be renewed. You must retest if your permit expires.

Click here to locate the DMV regional office nearest you, and to schedule a knowledge test.

After you have had your learner’s permit for seven (7) days, you can make an appointment to return to the DMV to take an on-cycle skills test which must be successfully completed before an endorsement can be added to your license or before a motorcycle only license can be issued.

The Division of Motor Vehicles also offers a Basic or Experienced Rider Course through the Motorcycle Safety Program. If you take the Motorcycle Safety Course, it waives the on-cycle skills test. To enroll in a Basic or Experienced Rider Course, please click here.

If you are under the age of 18, you must complete Level II GDL before you can be eligible for a motorcycle instruction permit.

Basic or Experienced Rider course

A motorcycle instruction (learner’s) permit is required before registering for a rider course or you may schedule a skills test at a local DMV regional office.

The rider course consists of classroom time and a training Course. The fastest method of enrollment is online by visiting the WVMSP website​. To enroll, you will need a credit card (not a debit card), and an email address. You may call the WVMSP Call Center to enroll at (866) 355-9399 if you do not have a credit card or an email address.
To help keep costs down, the program has established the following rules regarding fees:

• Classes must be paid for by credit card at the time they are scheduled
• Fees are non-refundable unless you cancel your registration at least 10 days before the class start date. You may reschedule a class within 5-10 days of the start date
• Unscheduled students (walk-ins) may attend on a space available basis and must pay the appropriate fee with a money order
• If you are dismissed from class for cause, you will not receive a refund. Dismissal for cause is defined below:
• Not showing up for a scheduled classroom or riding session
• Arriving late for a classroom or riding session
• Showing up without the personal clothing/equipment
• Leaving before a regular classroom or riding session
• Committing an intentional unsafe act
• Disrupting class or acting in any manner that prevents other students from receiving the training for which they have paid
The course is approximately 17 hours and begins on Saturday and finishes on Sunday afternoon. Students who successfully complete and pass the course will be issued a completion card to present to the DMV as a waiver of the motorcycle skills test. An F endorsement is then placed on your operator’s license.
You must also wear all the safety gear such as: DOT or Snell approved helmet, eye protection, over the ankle boots, long sleeve shirt or jacket, and gloves (no fingerless permitted). If you pass, the F endorsement will be added to your driver’s license.
Those who own a 3-wheel motorcycle can take the skills test at selected DMV Regional Offices. If you take the skills test on a 3-wheel motorcycle, you can only ride a 3-wheel motorcycle, but if you take the skills test on a 2-wheel motorcycle, you can ride either a 2-wheel or a 3-wheel motorcycle.

If you have questions about the Motorcycle Safety Program​ or the Basic or Experienced Rider courses, contact Motorcycle Safety Program​ Coordinator, Donnie Hale, at (304) ​630-0295 or (304) 203-​6784 or email, or Motorcycle ​Safety Program Training Coordinator, Mary Jarrell, at (304) 932-8862 or (304) 352-5890 or email​