​The West Virginia Vehicle Registration System (VRS) is a new online filing system being implemented by the Division of Motor Vehicles. VRS allows you to enter vehicle purchase information and generate your temporary tag or transfer registration and necessary DMV forms. Upon completion, the information will be communicated electronically to the DMV. Recent system enhancements give you more flexibility in completing your filing.  Some of the benefits you will receive from the new system are: 

No More Handwritten DMV Forms

Completing temporary tags and DMV forms by hand will be a thing of the past. All forms necessary to file a title application, registration, transfer and dealer title will be generated from the information you enter into the new online system.

Time Savings and Reduced Paperwork

​Full Electronic Filings

  • Copies of temporary registration or transfer slips no longer need to be mailed to the DMV.
  • Notice of Lien form will no longer need to be faxed to the DMV.
  • Paper checks will no longer be necessary – for full filings, the system will automatically withdraw applicable fees and taxes due to the DMV within a reasonable time frame.
  • The current temporary tag logbook will be eliminated!

Increased Access to Vehicle Information

Search vehicle title, lien, and odometer information by West Virginia title number or VIN for free.

Simplified Temporary Tag Inventory Ordering

Temp tag supplies will be automatically accounted for within the system and can be easily ordered online.

How Does the Online Vehicle Registration System Work?

1. Enter
Through a secure online form, your designated employees will follow a series of intuitive, step-by-step screens to enter owner, vehicle sale, trade-in, lien, and insurance information for each vehicle sale. No additional software is needed… it is 100% web-based all you need to get started is a computer with internet access and any popular browser software such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.. Once complete, the information is sent electronically to the DMV.

2. Print
Print the temporary tag or transfer slip, temporary registration and all DMV-related paperwork that the system creates for you using a laser printer. All temp tags include inventory control numbers and barcodes for greater security. The specific pieces of temporary tag paper are assigned to the dealership or license service location that ordered them. Paper is not transferrable between dealerships or locations. Transfer slips do not require a control number and will be printed on plain paper.

3. Attach
Place the transfer plate or printed temporary tag on the vehicle just as you do today. The new temporary tags printed at your dealership or license service and are waterproof.

4. Upload
You then upload all forms generated by the system along with the original title and any other relevant forms to the DMV for title processing and hard plate issuance in the system.  When ready you click 'Submit to State' and its now in DMV hands for review.  Keep orginials in paper or electronic form for three (3) years.