Governor’s Vision


As I embarked on my campaign to be your Governor I knew that West Virginia needed to find a way out of the ditch. I vowed that we would no longer be 50th in everything.

In order to accomplish this, we had to do something that would give us hope and to start that process we needed immediate jobs. The best way to achieve this was to design and implement a roads building program that would create tens of thousands of jobs while at the same time modernizing our severely dilapidated transportation infrastructure system that has been ignored for years.

The Roads to Prosperity program is the centerpiece of my vision for West Virginia’s economic recovery. As I traveled around the state during 2017 and met with thousands of our citizens it became very apparent that they as well wanted to do something to bring us safe roads, jobs and hope.

On October 7, 2017, 73 percent of West Virginians that went to the polls voted for the Roads to Prosperity amendment. It was truly an historic day for the Mountain State.

We are now embarking on the largest infrastructure program West Virginia has ever experienced. More than 600 projects, spread across all 55 counties, will provide us with new roads and bridges while at the same time fixing the ones we already have in place.

This will spur economic activity like we’ve never seen before and it will open access to our state that will reap benefits for years to come.