The Order of Plan Sheets

The order of the sheets within the contract plans will be as follows.   Note that not all types of sheets shown and described below are required in each set of contract plans, dependent on the type, size, and complexity of each project. Also, some of the different types of sheets may be combined on smaller projects.
1. Title Sheet
2. Typical Sections and Details
3. Summary of Estimated Quantities
4. Quantity Tables
5. General Notes
6. Special Details
7. Mass Haul Diagram
8. Survey Reference Points
9. Geometric Layout
10. Superelevation Tables and Diagrams
11. Interchange Grading Plans
12. Intersection Details
13. Maintenance Of Traffic Plans
14. Plan and Profile Sheets
15. Drainage Detail Sheets
16. Utility Relocation Plans
17. Erosion And Sediment Control Plans
18. Environmental Mitigation Plans
19. Traffic Sketch Maps
20. Pavement Marking Plans
21. Signing Plans
22. Lighting Plans
23. Traffic Signal Plans
24. Ownership Index
25. Property Maps
26. Soil and Geologic Information Plans
27. Structure Plans per Order Of Station
28. Cross Sections


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