Hall of Fame Members


Earl T. Halloran
Earl T. Halloran

Year Inducted: 2016
  • Soloed in a Curtiss JN-4D (Jenny) after just four and one half hours of flight instruction
  • Instructor for the US Army Signal Corps
  • Formed the Hinton Aero Club, barnstorming across the state, carrying passengers and thrill seekers
  • Captain of a group of five other aircraft pilots hired to do aerial surveillance on the miners at Blair Mountain
  • Established a bus line and automobile dealership in Hinton, WV
  • Believed to be the first registered pilot in the State of West Virginia​
Eldon J. Haught
Eldon J. Haught

Year Inducted: 2016
  • Certified as a private in 1978
  • Long-time member of the WV Aeronautics Commission, established the proactice of rotating Commission meetings at different airports throughout the state
  • Chaired a committee to prcure a Fire Fighter Training Simulator for WV's commericial service airports, insuring funding for annual maintenance
  • Strong supporter of mantaining Commission funding for the WV Civil Air Patrol's tweleve squadrons
  • 2014 Ritchie County DAR award for Community service, 2003 Jefferson Award for community service
  • Honorary graduate of the University of Hard Knocks-Alderson Broaddus University​
Irene I. Crum
Irene I. Crum

Year Inducted: 2015
  • ​Internationally Known Aviation Record Breaker
  • Completed First Solo Flight at Age 26
  • Set Altitude Record for Aeronca C-2 at Age 27 with only 40 Solo Hours at the Time
  • World War II Army Test Pilot
  • Women’s Air Force Service Pilots “WASPS”
  • Flight Instructor in Brazil for US Government
  • Flight Instructor in Jacksonville, FL
Angelo Koukoulis
Angelo Koukoulis

Year Inducted: 2015
  • ​P47 Fighter Mechanic, Army Air Corps
  • FAA Designated Aircraft Maintenance Inspector
  • Founded AeroMech, Inc. (first FAA radio repair station in WV)   250 employees 1951
  • Founded AeroMech Airlines – passenger airline serving 23 cities in 7 states 1980
  • Founding Member & Treasurer of the Regional Airlines Association of America
  • Served as Airport Manager of Benedum Airport (CKB) for 22 years
Donald J. Judy
Donald J. Judy

Year Inducted: 2014
  • Love for Aviation at Age Five in Bonanza Aircraft
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Holds Airframe and Powerplant  (A&P) Certificate with Inspection Authority (IA)
  • Restored Ten Complete Rebuilt Aircraft
  • Talented in the Art of Recovering Fabric Aircraft
  • Recipient of 2010 Wilbur Wright Award​
Captain Jon A. McBride
Captain Jon A. McBride

Year Inducted: 2014
  • US Navy Fighter Pilot – 64 Combat Missions
  • Became NASA Astronaut in 1979
  • Lead Chase Pilot - Maiden Voyage of Columbia
  • Piloted 1984 Mission Aboard Orbiter Challenger
  • Served as NASA Administrator – Dep. Director
  • Retired with 8,800+ Hours in Over 40 Different Types of Military and Civilian Aircraft
  • Received Numerous Awards for Many Accomplishments
Brig. Gen. J Kemp McLaughlin
Brig. Gen. J Kemp McLaughlin

Year Inducted: 2014
  • World War II Hero – 39 Combat Missions
  • B-17 Pilot – 92nd Heavy Bombardment Group of Eighth Air Force
  • Participated in “Black Thursday” Against Germany, Norway, and Battle of the Bulge
  • Helped Found First WV Air National Guard Squadron
  • Served 30 Years as First Commander
  • 130th Airlift Wing – Charleston Named “McLaughlin Air National Guard Base”
C. William "Bill" Pancake, Jr.
C. William "Bill" Pancake, Jr.

Year Inducted: 2014
  • ​Piloted First Aircraft Alone at Age 16
  • Holds Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Certificate with Inspection Authority (IA)
  • World Renowned Restorer of Classic Aircraft
  • Recognized in Prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database
  • First West Virginian to receive both Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award and Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award
Senator John D. "Jay" Rockefeller IV
Senator John D. "Jay" Rockefeller IV

Year Inducted: 2014
  • Staunch Supporter of Aviation as Former WV Governor and US Senator
  • Authored Small Community Air Service Development Program Benefiting WV Airports
  • Leader of Essential Air Service Program Enabling Air Service at Smaller WV Airports
  • Author of Aviation & Transportation Security Act Leading to Creation of TSA
  • Chair of Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation​

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