DOH Adds Restrictions on Two County Bridges


 Following recent reevaluations of a bridge in Mingo County and another span in

Wetzel County, the Division of Highways has added weight restrictions.

A single 13-ton restriction has been added to the Mingo County bridge carrying County Route 1 over the East Fork of Twelvepole Creek just south of County Route 1/4.

Weight restrictions have been added to the Wetzel County bridge carrying County Route 19 over Big Run just east of County Route 19/1 at Big Run.  Restrictions now limit the maximum gross load of two-axle trucks at 20 tons, three-axle trucks at 27 tons, four-or-more-axle trucks at 29 tons, four-axle semi-trailers at 32 tons, and five-axle semi-trailers at 33 tons.  A ten-mile detour is available to overweight vehicles along County Route 19/1, County 58/1, County 58, County 7/12, County 19/3, and County 19.


Karen Zamow

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