DOH Changes Restrictions on Five District 10 Bridges


Following recent reevaluation of five bridges in District 10, the Division of Highways has changed previous and current weight restrictions.

Restrictions have changed on the McDowell County bridge carrying McDowell County Route 13 over Sandlick Creek, 1.33 miles south of County 13/3 at Filbert.  The new restrictions limit trucks of three axles to 38 tons, trucks of four axles to 40 tons, semi-trailers of five axles to 53 tons, and semi-trailers of six-or-more axles to 58 tons. 

Weight restrictions have been added to the Mercer County bridge carrying County Route 44/10 over Interstate 77 just south of County 14 at Lilly Grove.  Restrictions now limit the maximum gross load of two-axle trucks at 20 tons, three-axle trucks at 29 tons, four-or-more-axle trucks at 29 tons, four-axle semi-trailers at 31 tons, and five-axle semi-trailers at 33 tons.  A ten-mile detour is available to overweight vehicles along Mercer County Route 44/10, WV Route 20, and Mercer County Route 44/10.

Weight restrictions have also been added to the Mercer County bridge carrying  US Route 19 over Wolf Creek just south of Mercer County Route 19/6.   New restrictions limiting the maximum gross load of trucks and commercial vehicles are set at 17 tons for two-axles trucks, 20 tons for three-axle trucks, 20 tons for four-axle trucks, 32 tons for five-axle semi-trailers, and 32 tons for six-or-more-axle semi-trailers.  A five-mile detour is available to overweight vehicles via US Route 19, Interstate 77, and US Route 19.

Weight restrictions have been removed from two Raleigh County bridges, one carrying WV Route 16 over Devils Fork, just north of County Route 35 and west of Stonecoal, and another carrying WV Route 16 over Winding Gulf 1.37 miles south of County route 30 and north of Helen.  Both spans previously carried silhouette posting that limited the weights of various types of trucks. 



Karen Zamow

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