DOH Changes Restrictions on Four Bridges


The evaluation of two bridges in Ohio County and the reevaluation of spans in Pendleton and Randolph counties have allowed the Division of Highways to change previous weight restrictions.

Weight restrictions have been heightened on the Ohio County bridge carrying County Route 1 over Short Creek just south of County Route 9 junction at Clearview.  While weight limits remain at 55 tons for semi-trailers of five axles and 60 tons for semi-trailers of six or more axles, new limits are set at 37 tons for trucks of three axles and 40 tons for trucks of four-axles.  Overweight vehicles may follow an eight-mile detour along County Route 7, County Route 37, WV Route 88, and County Route 9.

A single weight restriction has been heightened on the Ohio County Route 39 bridge spanning Middle Wheeling Creek just west of County Route 23/2 junction at Twilight.  Trucks and commercial vehicles crossing the bridge are now limited to a maximum gross load of 13 tons. A 3.1-mile detour is available to overweight vehicles via County Route 23 and County Route 23/2.

Weight restrictions have been added to the Pendleton County bridge carrying US Route 220 over Peters Run 1.15 miles south of County Route 220/9 junction, north of Franklin.  The new restrictions limit two-axle trucks to 18 tons, three-axle trucks to 24 tons, four-or-more-axle trucks to 26 tons and five-axle semi-trailers to 36 tons.  A 50-mile detour is available to overweight vehicles along US  route 33 and WV Route 28.

Weight restrictions have also been added to the Randolph County bridge carrying US Route 219 over Rafe Run just south of County Route 43 junction, south of Huttonsville.  The new restrictions limit trucks of two axles to 18 tons, trucks of three axles to 24 tons, trucks of four or more axles to 26 tons, semi-trailers of four axles to 28 tons and semi-trailers of five axles to 36 tons.  Overweight vehicles may follow a 63-mile detour along WV Route 39 East, WV Route 28 North and US Route 250 North.



Karen Zamow

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