FLOODING UPDATE: 7/29/17 @ 8:00 p.m.



Flooding Update:

7/29/2017 @ 8:00 p.m.


District 6

Brooke County
 •NOW OPEN: Hukill Run, CR 30, closed due to high water
 •OPEN:WV 67 to Campground closed due to high water
•OPEN: Castlemans Run, CR 32, closed for high water and trees down
•OPEN: Pierce Run, CR 20, closed due to high water
•OPEN: Lazears Run, CR 30/1, closed due to high water

District 4

Marion County

•CR 44 remains closed, but water is receding

•Portion of US 250 in Mannington remains under water

 •OPEN: US 250 near Farmington
•OPEN: WV 91 outside Mannington
•OPEN: 73/73 North near Boothsville

•OPEN: US 19 near Hutchison Bridge



Harrison County: 

•Water has receded enough for roads to open

•Route 3, Wyatt Road, has a few areas down to one lane due to downed trees

•Crews still cleaning up trees, small slips, and washed out areas


Doddridge County:
 •OPEN: Chipps Run – CO 24 – Closed, washed out
•OPEN: Canton Run – CO 14 – Closed washed out with pavement removed
•Knights Fork– CO 24 – Stream into road
•OPEN: Garland Lane – CO 23/3 – Impassable
•Schutte Run- CO 55/1- several wash outs, multiple culverts plugged
•REPAIRD: Nazarath Farm – CO 55/8 – Water Damage
•Round Bottom – CO 55/10- Bridge had been over run, no damage, creek crossing washed out

•Bean Hollow – CO 20 – 2 separate places where stream is now running down roadway

•Switchback Road – CO 5/10 – Road washed out

•Brush Run – CO 3/1 – fallen tree roots have encroached into road, creek washed out road

•Camp Run – CO 19/7 – Water Damage, culverts plugged

•Little Buck Run – CO 66 – Water Damage

•Riggins Run – CO 5 – Water Damage, several road wash outs, hill washed out.

•Pinch Gut - CO 24/3 -  washed out and stream now in road

•OPEN: WV 23 – culverts filled and water washing across road

 •Nutter Fork – CO 28 – Berm washed and undercut pavement, multiple culverts plugged
•Franks Run – CO 6 – Water Damage
•Elkhorn Run – CO 55/14 – Water Damage
 •Ralph’s Run – 12 & 12/1 – Water Damage
•Little Buck Run – CO 66 – Water Damage
•Rush Run – CO 64 – Water Damage
•Falling Timber – CO 68 & 70 – Water Damage
•Rube Leggett – CO 40 – Water Damage
•Riggins Run – CO 5 – Water Damage



Monongalia County:

•CR 39/01, Blacks Run, closed due to high water

 •Birch Hollow Road near Sky View Apartments – debris under bridge causing water to run on road
 •NOW OPEN: WV 7 west near Wadestown
•CR 59 Dents Run Westover- standing water
 •Tree down on Rt 7 near Greer Limestone
 •County Rt 49 @ Dents Run and Granville Closed due to high water.
•CR 41 Little Indian Creek Rd, CR 73 and 19 South toward Marion County all have trees down.
•CR 76 Large tree blocking road
•WV 7 @ Sabraton – standing water
•CR 11 Wadestown Closed- High Water
•CR 14 Wadestown Closed- High Water
•CR 39/01 Blacks Run Closed- High Water
•WV 7 east at Greer – Large Trees in roadway
•CR 73 Trees and Debris
•Trees and Debris on US 19 south toward Marion County. Gravel road scour and general damage throughout the County.


Taylor County:

•Two road closure and 16 High Water signs placed around the county. Rains stopped about 1:00 p.m.  Creeks, streams, and ditches are all receding

•WV 76, Veterans Memorial Highway, MM. 3.60  closed due to high water across both lanes.

•Tucker Run Rd at MM. 2.95 a 3’Culvert washed out on gravel section water running across entire road.

•All trees that have been reported are cut off roadway.

•Two small slides, cleaned back to edge of Roadway. Co 12 MM. 2.10 to 2.25

•One slide where embankment dropped straight down about 50 ‘down from shoulder of roadway Co. 44/8 MM.0.69 Roadway is stable at this time.



Preston County:

•Route 92/16 Ebby Road closed due to high water

•W V 72 closed  Mile Post 9.27 to 18.42

•Route 106, Bucklick Road, culvert washed out and road closed

 •Slide on WV 7 at  14.48 Mile Post
•Route 26/26, Irona Snider Road, washed out
•Slide on River Road at Pringle Tree Road reportedly blocking entire road
•Tree in road on Beech Run in Albright
•Route 51 Salt Lick Road closed due to high water
•US 50 at intersection of WV 92 road closed due to high water
•Route 7/2,Mckinney Cave, closed due to high water
•Route 45/1 Crane school washed out
•Route29/3 Jackie Brown washed out
•Route 29/1 washed out
•Citizen reported concrete washed out from old bridge base on old Tunnelton Road
 •Rt 50 at Ben DeWitt Bridge high water
•Crane School Road toward St. Joes Road reports of high water
•Culvert plugged on Cale Road causing flooding
•Campground Road near old water plant under water
•Requested that Greens Run Rd off North Preston Hwy be closed due to high water
•Requested that Rt 92 and 50 closed due to high water over guardrail
•Closed Sanders Hill near Fill Hollow Rd due to road washed out
•High water on Kingwood Pike near Mill Chapel Church Rd.
•WV 72 Landslide at Rowlesburg City Limits- One Lane Blocked
•CR 52/07 Pleasantdale Road Kingwood- Landslide from above the road
•CR 51 Saltlick Rowlesburg- Closed High Water
•CR 66/07 Kaintown Road Fellowsville- Closed High Water
•Trees and Debris causing problems on many roads in the Rowlesburg, Fellowsville and Kingwood
•High water reported on George Washington Highway
•Gravel based road damage various locations



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