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All permits must be applied for through either www.wv.gotpermits.com (for trips entirely within West Virginia) or www.gotpermits.com (for multi-state permits).There is an extra convenience fee for using www.gotpermits.com for multi-state permits, but not for using www.wv.gotpermits.com for permits in WV. Both sites will accept major credit cards for payment, or an escrow account may be established with Bentley Systems for payment. You must enter your truck specifications and your desired routes; if the application passes the size and weight analysis, the permit may be issued immediately. If the analysis does not pass, or if all of the desired routes are not available for you to select, the application must be submitted for Permit Office review.

If you don’t have the resources or the inclination to use http://wv.gotpermits.com,  there are a number of commercial permit services that can obtain your permit for you through one of these sites. Following, is a list of permit services that responded to a survey indicating that they will use GotPermits for their customers. Please note: this is almost certainly not a complete list. If you represent a permit service that will use www.GotPermits.com or http://wv.gotpermits.com and want to be included in this list, please send an email to wayne.j.kessinger@wv.gov.


A-1 Over the Road Permits (800) 577-3764
Across America Trucking Services (605) 256-3301
Barking Dog Permits  (908) 496-8473
Bud's National Permit Service Inc. (410) 828-1111
Coast to Coast Trucking Permits, LLC (865) 963-0830
Comdata Network (800) 749-7166
Continental Transportation Services, Inc (877) 736-4411
Elite Permits (877) 304-2208
Ernie's Permit Service (530) 742-1046
Express Permits LLC (715) 965-3054
High Wide & Heavy Oversize (718) 966-7255
Jet Permit Ltd. (414) 425-7712
J. J. Keller & Associates (800) 231-5266
Maryland Permit Service (410) 561-1901
Mercury Permits  (855) 683-7749 
NES (Nationwide Express Services) (740) 982-3737
Northwoods Motor Carrier Services (604) 853-5335 
Nova Permits and Pilot Cars (800) 567-7775
Permit Express (563) 582-7261
Permit America (866) 573-7648
PermitHUB  (855) 413-5147
Presto Permits (267) 640-8348
Reliable Permit Solutions, LLC  (888) 949-4220
Rite-Way Transportation Services, LLC (866) 606-6148
River City Permits, LLC (563) 543-2888
SLT Permits.com (714) 804-0502
Specialized Permit Service  (740) 335-3546
State Permits  (800) 331-4805 
T-Chek Systems, Inc. (877) 237-2435
The Permit Company  (800) 223-7431 
Trans/Mid-America, Inc. (800) 228-7577
Transport Permits Ltd (800) 373-9033
WCS Permits  (740) 452-2023
West Chester Permit, LLC (800) 734-3544


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