Technical Support Group

The Technical Support Group provides a variety of services for the Materials Control, Soils and Testing Division that do not intuitively fall in another group in the Division’s organization chart.  These services include, but not limited to: 1) administrating the Division’s Independent Assurance (IA) Program; 2) overseeing the Division’s materials inspector and technician certification programs; 3) complying with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements with respect to the Division’s storing, handling, and operation of its nuclear density gauges; 4) administering the consultant inspection, review, and sampling contracts; 5) processing new material for approval and use; 6) maintaining the Division’s web page; 7) overseeing the Division’s laboratory accreditation; and 8) processing District reports, such as, DMIRs and ST-1s.

Paul Farley, P.E., Group Supervisor

Technical Support Group Employees and their Tasks:

Daniel Brayack

Daniel’s primary function is to work toward fulfilling the federally mandated, Independent Assurance  (IA) program throughout the state.  The IA program serves as an internal audit on state-wide material sampling and testing.   The target sampling frequency of 10 percent of District Acceptance tests on projects with Federal dollars.   The governing MP for the I.A. program is here:

I.A. Program MP

John Fowler

John is the statewide Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).  He also works with the coordination of geotechnical and compaction projects statewide.

Greg Bradford

Greg is the Division's Laboratory Coordinator and is responsible for assuring the Division's accreditations and compliance for AMRL and CCRL requirements.  He is also responsible for coordinating New Product Evaluations, and serves as the Division's SiteManager Materials Administrator.



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