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WVDOH Announces New Oakwood Intersection Traffic Pattern Beginning September 8


CHARLESTON, WV – West Virginia Division of Highways debuts a new traffic pattern tomorrow, September 8, 2021, with the opening of the Oakwood Intersection Improvement project on Corridor G.
The new traffic pattern will alleviate traffic backups at the intersection of Oakwood Road and Corridor G with the opening of two new Restricted Crossing U-Turns (R-Cuts) to improve traffic flow off Oakwood Road. 

The Oakwood interchange is West Virginia’s first R-Cut project, but R-Cuts are used with great success in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. West Virginia Division of Highways settled on the R-Cut design to alleviate traffic backups which frequently occur at Oakwood in the mornings while students are on their way to school, in the afternoons when school lets out, during rush-hour traffic, during the holiday shopping season and at other peak times.
Motorists coming off Oakwood will  turn right, significantly reducing wait times at the Oakwood intersection traffic light and reducing the opportunity for drivers to get into accidents at conflict points. Drivers from Oakwood Road may either keep going once they’ve turned right, or utilize the new R-Cut at Hickory Road to make a U-turn, aided by a traffic light to allow the U-turn to be made safely.  A second R-Cut intersection, between Lawndale and Lucado Road, will serve traffic flowing in the opposite direction. In addition to reducing accidents by cutting the number of conflict points, the pattern also cuts in half the amount of time drivers will spend waiting at stoplights by reducing each traffic signal. 

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