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Aeronautics Commission Awards Grants to State Airports



At its quarterly meeting in Parkersburg, the Aeronautics Commission awarded more than $650,000 in grants to airports across the state.

 The state’s seven commercial airports were awarded $15,000 to begin a new marketing campaign to increase passenger traffic.  Each of the state’s 17 general aviation airports received $15,000 for airport improvement projects and an additional $1,200 to be used for radio/communication and equipment upgrades.

Yeager Airport was awarded a one-time grant of $35,000 to procure consultant services to determine the feasibility of intrastate air service. The goal of the study will be to identify potential carriers, routes, passenger loads, and to provide an analysis of potential aircraft operating costs and funding levels.

Additionally, the Commission voted to continue the 5 percent match – derived from the aviation  fuel tax - of the FAA’s 95 percent funding, an increase from the traditional 2.5percent match.    The passed motion increases the funding level during the time period of July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.  

 “Air transportation is critical to the state’s and the nations’ economy and citizens.  I am pleased that the Commission has agreed to continue to provide this level of support and increased funding for another year,” Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox said. “In doing so the Commission ensures the state’s dedication to the success of its airports for the West Virginia’s citizens and the greater traveling public.”

The Commission also awarded a $10,000 grant to each of the Civil Air Patrol squadrons.  The Civil Air Patrol provides disaster relief and emergency assistance nationwide including search and rescue missions, flood recovery assistance, humanitarian and Homeland Security assistance.  The Civil Air Patrol also provides aerospace education and cadet programs. 



Brent H. Walker