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Citizens Reminded About Snow Removal and Abandoned Cars


As West Virginians continue to dig themselves out after record setting snowfalls, West Virginia Secretary of Transportation Paul Mattox along with Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Jimmy Gianato are asking citizens not to shovel snow into the street or roadway as well as reminding the traveling public about the hazards of leaving abandoned vehicles on the road.

“It might sound rather trivial but when folks begin the process of removing snow around their homes or businesses, throwing it into the roadway creates quite a hazard,” stated Secretary Mattox. “It creates snow and ice patches on a roadway that has already been cleared and adds an unnecessary danger.”

Also creating an unnecessary hazard are vehicles that have been abandoned on the roads. “The danger with abandoned vehicles during a severe winter event is that most are not completely off the roadway and it really hampers snow removal efforts,” explained Mr. Gianato. “They are subject to being towed so we are asking everyone who has left their vehicle to come and get them.”

Anyone who finds their vehicle towed can contact their local 911 center’s non-emergency number to find the location.​​


Brent Walker