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DOH Adds Restrictions on Three County Bridges



Following recent reevaluations of bridges in Harrison, Wetzel and Wyoming counties, the Division of Highways has added weight restrictions.

A single 15-ton restriction has been added to the Harrison County bridge carrying WV Route 20 over Elk Creek 0.27 mile north of WV Route 20 CON, north of Nutter Fort.  >Overweight vehicles may follow a one-mile detour along Pike Street, 2nd Street, Main Street and Monticello Avenue.

Various restrictions have been added to the Wetzel County bridge carrying County Route 15/2 over North Fork of Fishing Creek just south of the County Route 15 junction and southeast of Kingstown.  >Restrictions now limit the maximum gross load of two-axle trucks at 20 tons, three-axle trucks at 27 tons, four-or-more-axle trucks at 29 tons, four-axle semi-trailers at 32 tons, and five-axle semi-trailers at 33 tons.  >A five-mile detour is available to overweight vehicles along County Route 74 and County Route 15.

Various weight restrictions have also been added to the Wyoming County bridge along County Route 10/18, spanning Barkers Creek just north of WV Route 10 at Bud.  >The new restrictions limit maximum gross loads to 20 tons for trucks of two axles, 26 tons for trucks of three axles, 26 tons for trucks of four or more axles, 28 tons for semi-trailers of four axles, and 33 tons for semi-trailers of five axles.  >Overweight vehicles may follow a three-mile detour along County Route 10/23 and WV Route 10. ​​


Karen Zamow