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DOH Employees Playing Vital Role in Tornado Cleanup Efforts in District 2



More than 100 Division of Highways workers have been involved in cleanup efforts after an EF-3 tornado caused major damage in parts of Lincoln and Wayne Counties last week.

District 2 DOH workers have been clearing roads and using chainsaws to remove trees from roadways and the state’s right-of-way.

“It’s not the typical work they are used to, like driving a snow plow,” said Scott Eplin, District 2 Manager. “It’s very intensive labor. Many aren’t even taking lunch breaks. They are just grabbing a sandwich on the job.”

Their efforts are making it easier for power and telephone crews to make repairs to downed lines.

“Our workers aren’t just out there because it’s their job,” said Eplin. “They sincerely want to help people get their lives back to normal.”

*Interview opportunities are available with workers in the field. Please Contact Scott Eplin: (304) 360-2136.


Brent H. Walker