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DOH Moving Forward with Coalfields Expressway Project



West Virginia Department of Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox and Coalfields Expressway Authority Executive Director Richard Browning are pleased to announce that, coming this fall, the West Virginia Division of Highways will let a $20 million contract for a two mile, grade and drain section of the Coalfields Expressway from West Helen to County Route 12/1. This is one of four separate projects planned to connect West Helen to Mullens.

Said Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox, “The existing two-lane roadway has many deficiencies for today's transportation needs. The project to be let this fall will be another large step toward our goal of delivering a safer, modern highway to Southern West Virginia.”

“We appreciate the efforts of Secretary Mattox and the West Virginia Division of Highways for their continued support to move this important road project forward,” stated Browning. As Southern West Virginia continues to diversify its economy, the Coalfields Expressway continues to be critical to the future prosperity of the entire region.”

The $20 million project is made up of the following funding:

State Funds: $3,000,000 (15%)

TIGER Funds: $5,000,000 (25%)

Other Federal-Aid: $12,000,000 (60%)

The Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery, or TIGER Discretionary Grant program, allows the U.S. Department of Transportation to invest in projects that have a significant impact on the Nation, a region or a metropolitan area.

The Coalfields Expressway is a rural, four-lane divided, partially controlled access highway that is 62 miles in length and connects the city of Beckley with the Virginia/West Virginia state line where it intersects the Virginia alignment for the Coalfields Expressway.



Brent H. Walker