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DOH Preparing for Hurricane Sandy



The West Virginia Division of Highways is preparing for the threat of severe weather conditions. The National Weather Service is forecasting that Hurricane Sandy will continue to move up the East Coast and inland over the next week.

DOH officials are keeping a close eye on the weather threat and continue to be updated daily on the latest forecast by the NWS. Maintenance crews in all 10 DOH districts are making preparations. Plows and other snow equipment have been tested and are ready to go. Crews are also making sure that they are stocked with equipment such as chainsaws, generators and mobile messaging boards.

Forecasts predict that rain, snow and strong winds could move into the state. The north central part of the state, the panhandles and higher elevations are expected to be impacted the most and would see the heaviest snow accumulations.

DOH Crews have been alerted of the most probable and worst case scenarios and are prepared for whatever may come their way.



Brent H. Walker