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DOH Reaches Decision on Thomas Buford Pugh Memorial Bridge Project



The West Virginia Division of Highways has made a decision concerning the replacement of the Thomas Buford Pugh Memorial Bridge, which connects Fayette and Raleigh Counties.

During a public comment period, two options were presented.  Based on those comments from the public, the DOH will proceed with Option #2.  It consists of building a new bridge downstream from the existing bridge.  This will allow traffic to remain open on the current bridge during construction of the new one, avoiding the need for a 60 mile detour.

“It was very important for the Division of Highways to get a feel for how this project would affect the surrounding communities, “said Marvin Murphy, State Highway Engineer. “We listened and learned that the detour was seen as a huge inconvenience. This is a prime example of how the DOH and the public can work together to come up with a solution that works for everyone.”

A weight restriction of three tons and a nine foot vertical clearance will remain on the existing bridge.

Total construction time is anticipated to be three years. At this time, the DOH is working to clear environmental documents and develop contract plans for the project.


Brent H. Walker