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DOH Salt Brine Tanker Trucks Used to Pretreat Roadways



The Division of Highways would like to remind the traveling public that our crews are dedicated to keeping the roads in driving condition. With snow in the forecast for many regions of West Virginia, workers have been pretreating roadways and preparing snow and ice removal equipment.

Many of our districts apply a mixture of WVDOH road salt and water to roadways to keep ice from forming. In District four, a DOH tanker truck has been used to apply the salt brine along parts of I-79, I-68 and U.S. 50. West Virginia State Police have received calls from drivers who were concerned that the tanker was dumping waste onto the highways.

The truck is clearly marked as a DOH vehicle (see attached pictured), but the large tanker is green and appears to be confusing drivers. We will better label the tanker to clarify that the contents are an “Anti-Icing Liquid,” made up of WVDOH road salt and water.


Brent H. Walker