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DOH Urges Drivers to Slow Down & Stay Alert in Work Zones



Don’t barrel through work zones! That was the message the Division of Highways made loud and clear during a press conference for work zone safety at the state capitol complex on Wednesday.

About 10% of work zone accidents involve workers. The majority, 90%, involve drivers and their passengers.  “These accidents are preventable,” said Secretary Paul Mattox. “When you are driving through work zones stay alert, slow down and avoid distractions. The life you save could be your own.”

During the work zone season, the West Virginia State Police play a huge role in enforcing reduced speeds in work areas. Sergeant Michael Baylous was on hand to remind drivers that speeding fines are doubled in work zones.  “Yellow and blue make green. When you see these men and women out working and they are wearing their yellow vests, if you don’t slow down the next thing you could be seeing is blue lights,” said Sgt. Baylous. “Then, you’re going to have to shell out money for heavy fines.”

As part of our efforts to raise awareness for work zone safety, Secretary Mattox and the DOT Office of Communications invites you to check out our web series “Beyond the Barrel.” The videos feature DOH workers, contractors and others who know all too well the dangers of working on the roads. Our hope is that their personal stories will encourage drivers to take caution when entering work zones. You can watch the series on the DOT’s website:

Sound bites from Wednesday’s press conference are available on our vimeo page. You must create a vimeo account and log in to be able to download the video.

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