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DOH and Parkways Authority to Join in Turnpike Repairs


Charleston, West Virginia-

The Parkways Authority today unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement that allows the Division of Highways (DOH) to assist in scheduled repairs along the West Virginia Turnpike. 

At the previous Authority Board meeting, it was announced that a sole contractor bid submission for scheduled north-end pavement joint rehabilitation was received at approximately 30% over the engineer’s estimate of $693,000.  Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox, then, proposed that the DOH may be able to partner with Parkways in order to complete the repairs, instead of using the private contractor.

An agreement between Highways and Parkways was drafted that would allow the Division of Highways’ assistance to be used and for the agency to be reimbursed by the Parkways Authority up to a maximum of $400,000.  The agreement was given final approval by the full Authority Board today.

Said Transportation Secretary Mattox, “The Division of Highways has the necessary personnel and equipment to assist in completing this project and by working directly with Greg Barr and his staff, the Parkways Authority is saving approximately $300,000.”

Parkways Authority Board Chairman, Harry Bergstrom, called the MOU an “efficient use of resources” and applauded both agencies for accomplishing the agreement so quickly.

The repair work, scheduled to be complete in October, is expected to begin tomorrow, weather permitting.