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DOH to Begin Demolition of Old Ices Ferry Bridge



The West Virginia Division of Highways announces that the demolition of the Old Ices Ferry Bridge in Monongalia County is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 23.  Crews will start work to remove portions of the old bridge deck. 

The bridge was closed to traffic in May 2012 to allow the contractor and utilities access to the west end of the bridge where they are working to build a new structure.  Since the closure, there has been foot and bike traffic across the Ices Ferry Bridge.   The demolition process will make the bridge unsafe for public access, therefore walkers and bikers will no longer be permitted to cross.

The contractor chose to begin demolition of the old bridge before the new structure is complete to avoid delaying the completion date of the project.  DOH officials say the water level on Cheat Lake will be too low in the fall to support the barges used during construction.

During the demolition process of the old bridge, work will continue on the new Ices Ferry Bridge.  Crews hope to pour the concrete for the new structure before August.

Brayman Construction was awarded the project with a bid price of $12,523,456.70.  The estimated completion date of the new bridge is October 31, 2012.



Brent H. Walker