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Eight bridges and 23 slide repairs; WVDOH continues rolling out repair projects in central West Virginia


West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) has recently completed 23 slide repairs and has another seven under construction and six scheduled in central West Virginia. There have been eight completed bridge projects and another 11 are under construction and seven scheduled.

These figures include the counties of Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Wirt, Wood, Barbour, Braxton, Gilmer, Lewis, Upshur, Webster, Pendleton, Pocahontas, Randolph, Tucker, Fayette, Greenbrier, Monroe, Nicholas, and Summers.

Additional projects are under design and will continue to be scheduled as WVDOH works to aggressively catch up on years of underfunded road maintenance.
In central West Virginia, the 23 slide repairs completed since January 2023 include:

(Wood) Corbitt Hill-Waverly, WV 2, soil nail project, completed July 10, 2023.
(Pleasants) Mckim Road-Federal Ridge soil nail project, completed July 18, 2023.
(Roane) Reedy-Billings Road soil anil project, completed August 10, 2023.
(Ritchie) Straight Fork-Cox Run soil nail project, completed July 24, 2023.
(Roane) Barrcutt Road piling wall, completed February 27, 2023.
(Calhoun) Big Springs-Ritchie piling wall, completed February 17, 2023.
(Jackson) Sidneyville-Pleasantsville piling wall, completed March 2, 2023.
(Jackson) Ravenswood Pike Road piling wall, completed March 9, 2023.
(Wood) Salusbury-Mineral Wells soil nail project, completed April 3, 2023.
(Wirt) Two Runs-Palestine Road piling wall, completed February 15, 2023.
(Braxton) Herald Road piling wall, completed January 11, 2023.
(Gilmer) Steer Run Road piling wall, completed January 10, 2023.
(Lewis) Buckhannon Mountain Road piling wall, completed January 23, 2023.
(Lewis) Hackers Creek Road piling wall, completed February 1, 2023.
(Braxton) Chapel Road piling wall, completed March 31, 2023.
(Braxton) Scotts Fork Road piling wall, completed May 5, 2023.
(Braxton) Exchange Road piling wall, completed June 28, 2023.
(Webster) Replete Road piling wall, completed July 27, 2023.
(Barbour) Claude Run Road, piling wall, completed August 11, 2023.
(Summers) Meadow Creek Road piling wall, completed January 27, 2023.
(Greenbrier) Alta Slip #1 soil nail project, completed April 26, 2023.
(Fayette) Cotton Hill Road piling wall, completed April 21, 2023.
(Nicholas) Tioga Road piling wall, completed May 15, 2023.

Slide repairs include both an on the ground phase which is visible to the public, and a behind the scenes design phase which -- to the driver -- just looks like cones on the ground. No two hillsides are alike, and each site requires a specific design. While those designs are being completed, WVDOH places cones and signs to allow roads to remain open while under design, as often as possible.
Thirteen additional slide repair locations in central West Virginia are under construction or are scheduled for work in the next few months. Those locations include:
(Wood) Deerwalk-Volcano, US 50, soil nail project.
(Calhoun) South Calhoun Highway soil nail project.
(Jackson) Southhall Ridge Road soil nail project.
(Pleasants) Vaucluse Narrows, WV 2, soil nail project.
(Wood) Waverly-Williamstown soil nail project.
(Lewis) Vadis Road piling wall.
(Gilmer) Cox’s Mills-Auburn Road piling wall.
(Braxton) Scotts Fork Road piling wall.
(Lewis) Vandalia-Georgetown Road piling wall.
(Webster) Bolair-Webster Spring Road piling wall.
(Gilmer) Sliding Run Road piling wall.
(Pendleton) US 33, MP 1.43, piling wall.
(Summers) Swell Mountain Road soil nail project.

In addition to slide repair projects, WVDOH crews and contracting partners are repairing or replacing 26 bridges throughout central West Virginia.

Completed bridge projects include:
(Roane) Colonel Ruby Bradley Bridge construction, completed June 6, 2023.
(Webster) Skyles Creek CHBM replacement, completed July 25, 2023.
(Lewis) Thomas Wright Bridge replacement, completed March 21, 2023.
(Randolph) US 48 Bridge rehabilitation, completed April 6, 2023.
(Pendleton) Pike Gap Road Bridge construction, completed May 3, 2023.
(Summers) Indian Creek Bridge replacement, completed April 11, 2023.
(Fayette) Earl Vickers Memorial Bridge rehabilitation, completed July 21, 2023.
(Fayette) Big Creek Bridge renovation, completed August 4, 2023.
Scheduled and under construction bridge projects include:

(Calhoun) Philip Run Bridge concrete box beam.
(Jackson) Romance Bridge concrete box beam.
(Roane) Pocatalico River Road Truss steel girder.
(Roane) McKown Creek Arch steel girder.
(Roane) Osborne Mills Bridge steel girder.
(Jackson) Grasslick Creek Arch concrete box beam.
(Wood) Buffalo Run Bridge concrete box beam.
(Barbour) Carrollton Bridge reconstruction of superstructure.
(Upshur) Alton Deck Bridge replacement.
(Lewis) Freemansburg Arch Bridge replacement.
(Randolph) US 33, MP 32.12, bridge replacement.
(Pendleton) Greenwalf Gap Road Bridge construction.
(Randolph) Point Mountain Road Bridge construction.
(Greenbrier) Clifford Family Memorial Bridge replacement.
(Greenbrier) Howards Creek Pedestrian Bridge.
(Summers) Bradshaw Creek Bridge replacement.
(Monroe) Red Sulphur Bridge replacement.
(Fayette) Paint Creek Arch Bridge replacement.
There is so much work taking place that WVDOH developed an interactive roadwork map available at where project dates are provided as they are scheduled for on the ground work. The map is updated every two weeks, with new projects added as they are scheduled.
The map itself cannot answer all questions for 36,000 plus miles of roads, so the WVDOH has set up a citizen response line, 833-WV-ROADS, to answer individual citizens with questions.The phone line is staffed from 7:30 to 4:00 each day, and WVDOH will respond with information on the specific roadway question within seven days. Citizens can also fill out a form online by visiting and clicking on Request Road Work.​​