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FHWA Commends WVDOT on Stimulus Success



 In a letter sent to West Virginia Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox, the Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration, Victor Mendez, commended the West Virginia Department of Transportation on obligating 100 percent of its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds by March 1, 2009, so that highway construction work could begin as quickly as possible and put people back to work.

Stated Administrator Mendez, “It’s my great pleasure to congratulate the West Virginia Department of Transportation on meeting that goal. Working together, we obligated $210,852,204.00 to 145 projects – 100 percent of the highway funds available to the State.”

"Because of this additional funding 26 bridges are being replaced, more than 150 miles of roadway are being resurfaced, our corridor system expanded and many other much-needed bridge renovation, slip repairs and traffic-safety-related projects were set forth in addition to the Department’s yearly construction program,” said Mattox. 

He continued, “On behalf of Governor Manchin and the citizens of the State of West Virginia, I thank Administrator Mendez for his role in improving the state’s transportation infrastructure.”

March marked the one-year anniversary of the ARRA.