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Flooding Damage to Roads Tops $45 Million



The West Virginia Division of Highways announces that road damage from recent flooding now totals $46,859,290.

More than a dozen contractors have been hired to restore access to communities and repair major routes. WVDOH crews from around the state have been mobilized in the impacted areas to remove debris and slides from roadways, stabilize embankments and shoulders, and clear ditches and culverts. The DOH is currently working to put additional repair projects out for contract work.

“There are some roads that will have to be totally rebuilt and several bridges that need replaced,” stated Secretary of Transportation Paul Mattox. “With more than 150 roads damaged by these storms, it will take some time to effectively make these necessary repairs.”

Nineteen counties have reported road damage. 

At this time, counties reporting the most road damage are:
Kanawha: $13,551,500
Clay: $8,354,000
Nicholas: $8,337,285
Greenbrier: $5,158,820

The DOH continues to survey damage to roadways, therefore, the cost of repairs may increase or decrease as additional information is received.


Carrie Jones