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Highways commissioner visits Marshall County to evaluate road conditions



Following Gov. Jim Justice’s directive for the West Virginia Division of Highways to put an emphasis on maintenance activities on the secondary road system in Marshall County, Highways Commissioner Jimmy Wriston, P.E. traveled to District 6 to meet with maintenance forces and assess the work being accomplished.  
“Today I saw, firsthand, the condition of secondary roads in Marshall County, and the efforts our hard-working DOH crews are involved in,” Commissioner Wriston said. “There is no doubt, much work is needed in Marshall County, Preston County and the 53 other counties across West Virginia, and that is exactly what we are doing through Governor Justice’s Secondary Road Maintenance Initiative.

"Governor Justice made it very clear that he wants attention paid, right now, to roads leading to the places West Virginians travel to most," Commissioner Wriston said. "We have released a prioritized list of projects, for each county and we are executing the plan every day. The list will be updated regularly to show the public our progress. We are focused on getting it done.” 


Brent Walker