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Motorcyclist discovering West Virginia featured on West Virginia Department of Transportation's “WV on the DOT” 150th podcast episode


The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) hit a milestone this week with publication of the 150th episode of the organization’s weekly podcast, “WV on the DOT.”
The sesquicentennial episode features an in-depth interview with Scott Miller, a contributing editor for the national motorcycle magazine “Rider,” talking about the impressive state of West Virginia’s roads, and guest appearances from leaders in several of the WVDOT’s fellow state agencies.
To hear the 150th episode of "WV on the DOT," CLICK HERE.
Miller, a Massachusetts resident and avid motorcyclist, recently visited the Mountain State with a group of fellow riders from various states. He was so taken with the state’s beauty and the quality of the roads that he called Damron, who asked if Miller would be interested in appearing on the podcast.
“It was just amazing to me how wonderfully smooth so many of the roads were,” Miller told his hosts. “I was so impressed with how well-engineered the roads are; they’re nicely banked, and there aren’t a lot of off-camber curves.”
Motorcyclists love winding country roads, which West Virginia has in abundance.  In partnership with West Virginia Tourism, WVDOT has debuted four Mountain Rides routes in the past year, with additional routes to come.  These routes welcome motorcyclists and car enthusiasts to ride on some through some of the most beautiful landscapes, and sample the restaurants and hospitality of West Virginia’s towns.  Motorists are seeing the colorful signs; Seneca Skyway, Capitol Circle, Cranberry Corridor and Birdeye Bend, designating the routes.
To see West Virginia's scenic travel routes, CLICK HERE.
“I liken it to a roller coaster, because they just go up and down and back and forth,” Miller said. “But unlike the roller coaster you get to ride at Six Flags, this is one you get to control yourself.
“For me, it’s like flying on the ground,” Miller said. “It’s one of the things I live for.”

“WV on the DOT” is produced by the WVDOT’s Public Relations Division, and features hosts Randy Damron and Jennifer Dooley as they sum up the week’s transportation news, interview prominent figures within the WVDOT and fellow agencies, and give a glimpse into the inner workings of the WVDOT. Damron and Dooley were recently joined in presenting the podcast by veteran journalist Jake Flatley with a news segment, Around the DOT.
The 150th podcast episode also features guest appearances by several prominent figures in state government.  Here’s what they had to say:
James Bailey, Secretary for the West Virginia Department of Commerce
“The partnership between the Department of Transportation and the Department of Commerce is imperative to everything we do. The Department of Transportation is a critical partner to everything the state does – whether it’s making sure people have access to our state parks or making sure we have safe roadways and the infrastructure needed for development. All aspects of life within West Virginia, transportation plays a critical role. There’s nothing we do within commerce or across the rest of state government that does not rely on the Department of Transportation’s successful execution of what their mission is. That’s exactly what they do, which is successfully execute. All the successes we’ve had under Governor Justice’s leadership have been facilitated by the successes that he has facilitated through the Department of Transportation.”
Randall Reid-Smith, Curator for the Department of Arts, Culture and History
“I am happy to join this show and be with you all. I always enjoy being with Randy Damron and Miss Jennifer. We always have a great time talking about highways. As the State Historic Preservation Officer, you don’t build highways without me, guys! Congratulations, I love working with the DOT.”
Chelsea Ruby, Secretary for the West Virginia Department of Tourism
“We want to give a big shoutout to all those crews who make sure our country roads are perfect for visitors to the Mountain State.”
Mitch Carmichael, Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Economic Development
“The West Virginia Department of Transportation and our Economic Development team work very well together to bring jobs, growth and economic opportunity to our state. It’s imperative that we have a great relationship and to provide the transportation corridors that are necessary to economic job enhancement and growth within our state. People around the world are noticing how well we work together and how quickly we can make projects come together.”

“WV on the DOT” debuted in the summer of 2020.