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Operation R.I.P. Potholes update: WVDOH patches enough roadway to nearly reach Japan


West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) road crews continue to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather during an early patching blitz.
Since Gov. Jim Justice and the WVDOH announced Operation R.I.P. Potholes on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, WVDOH road crews have patched 62,025 potholes along 5,332 miles of road. That’s almost far enough to reach the northernmost island of Japan.

Pothole patching typically doesn’t begin until the first week of April, but WVDOH officials worked with asphalt plant owners in St. Albans, Morgantown, and Princeton to open early this season, allowing road crews to make permanent pothole repairs with hot asphalt. As crews are out patching, they are finding that some stretches of road may have numerous potholes to patch, while some stretches may have none.
Asphalt plants are beginning to open in other parts of the state now, with the rest expected to open the first week of April.

Roads scheduled to be milled and filled on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 include:
  • WV 85, Dartmont-Ashford Road, and Spruce Laurel Road, Boone County.
  • Ossia Road and Ovapa Road, Clay County.
  • US 60, WV 61, Kellys Creek Road, Frogs Creek Road, Sissonville Drive, Mile Fork Drive, Kanawha Two Mile Road, Keystone Drive, Barlow Drive, Gibbstown Road, and Wills Creek Road, Kanawha County.
  • WV 2, Gunville Ridge Road, and Boggs Road, Mason County.
  • WV 62, WV 34, and Allens Fork Road, Putnam County.
  • US 60, Virginia-Benedict Road, and McComas-Martha Road, Cabell County.
  • WV 10, WV 3, and Buffalo Creek Road, Lincoln County.
  • WV 10, Buffalo Creek Road, Smokehouse-Crawley Creek Road, and West Fork-Striker Fork Road, Logan County.
  • WV 49 and R.A. West Highway, Mingo County.
  • US 52, WV 152, and Docks Creek Road, Wayne County.
  • US 33, WV 16, and Beech Road, Calhoun County.
  • US 33, Highlawn Farms Road, Creston Road, and Lockhart Fork Road, Jackson County.
  • US 33 and WV 36, Roane County.
  • Lynn Camp Road, Wirt County.
  • US 50, Snowbird Lane, and Tiffany Terrace, Harrison County.
  • Grassy Run Road, Baker Sawmill Road, and Whetstone Road, Marion County.
  • Pierpont Road, Monongalia County.
  • Pigsah Road and Ladley and Stevenburg Road, Preston County.
  • Bridge Street and Ohio Avenue, Taylor County.
  • WV 46, Mineral County.
  • US 340, Jefferson County.
  • WV 2 and Sample Road, Ohio County.
  • WV 2, Tyler County.
  • WV 2, Wetzel County.
  • Carrolton Road and Warner Road, Barbour County.
  • US 19 and WV 4, Braxton County.
  • Price Street, Lewis County.
  • Marion Street Road, Upshur County.
  • WV 20, Webster County.
  • US 33, Pendleton County.
  • WV 28, Pocahontas County.
  • US 33 and Wilmer Road, Randolph County.
  • Wolf Run Road, Tucker County.
  • US 60, Rocklick Road, and Needleseye Road, Fayette County.
  • WV 12, Greenbrier County.
  • Hillsdale Road and Hans Creek Road, Monroe County.
  • WV 55 and WV 39, Nicholas County.
  • WV 16, Dry Fork Road, and Rift-Berwind Road, McDowell County.
  • Tommy Ridge/Egeria Road, Mercer County.
  • WV 3, Raleigh County.
  • WV 97, Wyoming County.
As Operation R.I.P Potholes continues, the WVDOH will keep the public informed through regular press announcements.