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Operation R.I.P. Potholes update: hot patching to continue as long as weather allows



With asphalt plants still open in Poca, Morgantown, and Princeton, the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) will continue making permanent pothole repairs with hot asphalt as long as the weather allows.
Asphalt plants typically close during the winter, when cold temperatures preclude using hot asphalt. Temperatures should be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for asphalt to cure properly.
But a recent stretch of unusually warm weather has allowed the WVDOH to get a head start on springtime pothole patching. Since Gov. Justice and the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) began Operation R.I.P. Potholes on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, WVDOH road crews have patched nearly 11,000 potholes with hot mix asphalt around the state, laid down 3,114 tons of asphalt, and milled and filled potholes along 2,808 miles of roadway. In an airplane, that would get you from Charleston to Guyana, South America.
Roads scheduled to be milled and filled on Thursday, February 15, 2024, include:
  • WV 3, Boone County.
  • WV 4, Clay County.
  • US 119, WV 817, and WV 61, Kanawha County.
  • Jerry’s Run Road and Ashton Upland Road, Mason County.
  • WV 817 and WV 62, Putnam County.
  • WV 2, Cabell County.
  • Cherry Street, Lincoln County.
  • Long Run, Doddridge County.
  • Interstate 79 and US 19, Harrison County.
  • WV 310 and Little Mill Fall Road, Marion County.
  • US 119 and WV 7, Monongalia County.
  • US 50 and WV 52, Preston County.
  • Berry Run, Taylor County.
  • WV 12, Greenbrier County.
  • WV 122 and WV 12m Monroe County.
  • WV 39, Nicholas County.
  • WV 20, Summers County.
  • US 52, McDowell County.
  • Bent Mountain Road, Mercer County.
  • WV 99, Raleigh County.
  • WV 97, Wyoming County.
As Operation R.I.P Potholes continues, the DOT will keep the public informed through regular press announcements.