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Progress Continues Along Corridor H



The Division of Highways recently awarded two projects along Corridor H in Grant County for construction on 4.39 miles totaling more than $29 million.

The first to be awarded was a paving contract to surface 3.3 miles of mainline highway.  Awarded to Kokosing Construction Company of Ohio for $10,956,032.73, the contract will pave a section of newly-developed highway from one half-mile east of County Route 3 to the Foreman Interchange.

Secondly, a grade and drain project that will create the roadway base for 2.09 miles - from just east of WV 42/93 intersection to Fore Knob - was awarded to the Mashuda Corporation of Pennsylvania for $18,696,392.46.

“My administration is fully committed to improving the quality of our state’s infrastructure.  The progress with Corridor H has been a total partnership – from the federal, state and local level – and I am pleased that this funding will keep this project moving forward,” Gov. Joe Manchin said.   

Both projects are scheduled to being early this summer. 

 In addition to these two recently-awarded projects, construction continues on five other projects along corridor which include grade and drain, paving, and bridge contracts.  This summer, more than 22 miles of Corridor H will be under construction.

“Having more than 22 miles under construction illustrates the just how committed the Division of Highways is to seeing the completion of Corridor H.  This is tremendous progress and I hope to continue this level of progress in the coming months,” said Highways Commissioner Paul Mattox.

To coincide with the completion of a 10.5-mile paving contract from Moorefield to Patterson Creek which began last year, the newly-awarded 3.3-mile paving contract is scheduled to be completed this fall.

The anticipated completion date of the grade and drain project is October of 2011.​​