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Riverside High School Bridge to be Painted


The Division of Highways today announces that the bridge leading to Riverside High School in Belle, will be painted with the slogan “Warriors Respect and Protect”. 

Riverside High is one of eight schools in the state chosen to receive a grant for the Positive School Climate Program, commonly known as “Respect and Protect”.  The program, which strives to modify behavior through rewards and consequences, was funded by a grant through the Governor’s Office and the West Virginia Center for Professional Development.

 "One month ago, no one thought it would be possible for me to talk the WV DOH into painting ‘Warriors Respect and Protect’ on a bridge.  What they didn't know is that the Division of Highways would think it is just as important as we do,” stated LuAnn Wright, Riverside High teacher.  “By creating a positive atmosphere with reduced violence – actions as well as words – our students will learn more, perform more successfully, attend more often, and our graduation rates will increase,” she said.

 “Any time transportation can partner with education it’s a good thing.  The more we learned about the program the easier it was for the Division of Highways to authorize their request,” Stated Transportation Secretary Mattox.  

A recognition ceremony will be held on the bridge Monday, August 31 at 1:15 p.m. 

For more information on the ceremony and the Positive School Climate Program, contact LuAnn Wright at 304-348-1996.​​


Karen Zamow