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Route 20: West Virginia Division of Highways designing repair for 6 foot sinkhole near Hinton


The West Virginia Division of Highways has erected barricades at the site of a 30 foot deep sinkhole that opened on WV 20 near Hinton while determining the best way to repair the damage.
“We're going to dedicate whatever resources necessary to make the repair," said Alan Reed, P.E., West Virginia State Highway Engineer.  "West Virginia 20 is a vital route in and out of the area, for the people traveling to and from the interstate and the town of Hinton, so there's just no question we will have to dedicate whatever resources we need to to be able to make the repair. " 
MEDIA: Video Clip - Alan Reed, State Highway Engineer
The sinkhole, approximately six feet across and 30 feet deep, opened on the shoulder of WV 20 just north of Hinton. A failing drainage structure is causing the soil in the area to collapse.

"It was scary to look at the depth," Reed said.  "You certainly wouldn't want to stand very close to it."
The WVDOH put up barricades to keep people from getting too close to the sinkhole while engineers determine the best solution to repair the damage. 
“The first thing is to make the site safe,” Reed said. "Following that, we want to do whatever's necessary to try to keep the road open when there's not a good detour, and in this situation, unfortunately, there's not a good detour." ​