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Spring pothole patching season officially begins: over 75,000 potholes already patched!



With almost all asphalt plants now open around West Virginia, West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) road crews are now making permanent pothole repairs with hot asphalt in all 55 counties.
WVDOH road crews had been taking advantage of unseasonably warm weather during an early patching blitz to get a head start on the spring patching season. Since Gov. Jim Justice and the WVDOH announced Operation R.I.P. Potholes on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, WVDOH road crews have patched 75,517 potholes along 5,838 miles of road.
Roads scheduled to be milled and filled on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, include:
  • WV 94, WV 85, and Spruce Laural Road, Boone County.
  • Maysel Laurel Road, Twistabout Road, and Summers Fork Road, Clay County.
  • US 60, WV 61, Kellys Creek Road, Frogs Creek Road, Sissonville Drive, Mile Fork Drive, Kanawha Two Mile Road, Hillcrest Drive, Wills Creek Road, Sunset Drive, Raven Drive, and Lower Falls Road, Kanawha County.
  • WV 2, Leon Baden Road, and Chandler Ridge Road, Mason County.
  • WV 62 and WV 34, Putnam County.
  • Howells Mill-Union Ridge Road, Johns Creek Road, Eighth Avenue, and McComas-Martha Road, Cabell County.
  • WV 3, One Mile-Steele Farm Road, and Greenshoals Road, Lincoln County.
  • Buffalo Creek Road, Smokehouse Fork Road, Smokehouse-Crawley Creek Road, Regency Heights Road, and Chafin Branch Road, Logan County.
  • WV 65 and R.A. West Highway, Mingo County.
  • US 52, WV 152, WV 37, and Booton Road, Wayne County.
  • US 33, WV 16, and Beech Road, Calhoun County.
  • US 33 and Charleston Road, Jackson County.
  • WV 16, Ritchie County.
  • US 119, US 33, and WV 36, Roane County.
  • WV 14 and Pettyville Road, Wood County.
  • Andell Road, Snowbird Lane, and Virgil Street, Harrison County.
  • Eldora Road, Booths Creek Road, Baker Sawmill Road, Sycamore Hollow Road, and Brock Hollow Road, Marion County.
  • Pierpont Road and Pentress Road, Monongalia County.
  • WV 76 and Shelby Run Road, Taylor County.
  • US 50, Hampshire County.
  • WV 28, Mineral County.
  • WV 88 and Boggs Run Road, Marshall County.
  • WV 2 and Sample Road, Ohio County.
  • Stewarts Run Road, Tyler County.
  • US 119 and Gall Avenue, Barbour County.
  • US 19 and WV 4, Braxton County.
  • Jess Run Road, Lewis County.
  • Kesling Mill Road and Hemlock Ridge Road, Upshur County.
  • WV 20 and McAvoy Road, Webster County.
  • US 60, WV 20, Elverton Road, and Wolf Creek Road, Fayette County.
  • US 219, WV 12, and Snake Run Road, Greenbrier County.
  • Hillsdale Road and Blue Lick Road, Monroe County.
  • WV 55 and WV 39, Nicholas County.
  • WV 12 and WV 3, Summers County.
  • Canebrake Mountain Road, Davy Roderfield Road, and Welch-Davy Road, McDowell County.
  • Groveland Drive, Media Street, Petty Road, Pigsah Road, and C/C Trail Road, Mercer County.
  • WV 99, WV 16, Amigo-Odd Road, Rhodell Road, and Coal City Road, Raleigh County.
  • US 52, WV 97, and WV 10, Wyoming County.