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Star City sinkhole repairs complete



West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) crews have completed work in recent days repairing a sinkhole in Star City.

The hole, which was located near the former Texas Roadhouse location on Monongahela Boulevard, was filled with around 1,000 cubic yards of fill material.

“Our crews can do projects like this,” said Mike Daley, WVDOH District 4 District Manager. “They go in and make the repairs as needed. By using our abilities and experience through WVDOH employees, we are able to do whatever design it takes to correct these problems.”

WVDOH crews began the repairs replacing the section of drainpipe that was the cause of the sinkhole. Crews used a dye test to isolate, then locate the problem. A small pipe separated underground and washed away the dirt, causing the sinkhole.

WVDOH crews redirected storm drains and installed new culverts and concrete drop inlets to prevent the pipe from separating in the future.

The hole was 12 feet wide and 42 feet deep when crews reached the pipe causing the issue. Stone was used around the pipe and then the hole was filled. WVDOH crews will seed and mulch the area to clean up and improve the area’s appearance.

There was no impact on the traveling public on US 19. The repair confirmed that the issue did not impede the WVDOH’s drainage structures on their right of way.