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First Roadside Memorial Sign to be Installed


Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox today announces that the first official roadside memorial sign will be installed on Thursday, January 14 along Route 3 in Racine. 

The sign, dedicated to the memory of Tennille Davis, a Kanawha County paramedic who was en route to work two years ago when her vehicle was struck by an impaired driver, will bear the message, “Don’t Drink and Drive”. ​

 Stated Secretary Mattox, “The Roadside Memorial Program offers a safer alternative to homemade memorials, where, typically, families have to park their vehicles on highway shoulders or medians, which poses a variety of safety concerns for us. While the Department is certainly understanding of grieving families, we feel the Roadside Memorial Program is a safer option, and I’m glad Mr. Davis agrees.  It is fitting that the first sign of this program is dedicated to someone who committed their life to helping others.”  

Enacted by the State legislature, The Division of Highways’ Roadside Memorial Program provides families of lost loved ones the option to install an official roadway sign at or near the site where a fatal motor vehicle collision occurred.

More information on the Roadside Memorial Program may be found at by searching “roadside memorials”.


Karen Zamow