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West Virginia Parkways Announces Travel Numbers Through First Month of New Toll Schedule





CHARLESTON, WVOne month into the new West Virginia Turnpike toll schedule, the West Virginia Parkways Authority announces that more than 150,000 customers have taken advantage of the E-ZPass Early Enrollment Option of $24 for 3 years of unlimited use of the West Virginia Turnpike.  There were 110,000 new transponders processed and sent to customers to add to the existing 40,000 customers already with transponders.

            Overall, revenues have increased 78.7% since the new toll schedule took effect (January 15), with revenues from commercial trucks increasing 96.3% and passenger vehicle revenues up 44.9%.               

Motorists who were not able to take advantage of the early enrollment option, can still receive steep discounts with the option to pay $25 for unlimited use of the West Virginia Turnpike for one year. 

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Brent H. Walker