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WVDOH Anticipates New Oakwood Intersection Traffic Pattern Next Week


CHARLESTON, WV – West Virginia Division of Highways anticipates opening the Oakwood Intersection Improvement project next week.  A press release will be issued to make motorists aware of the new traffic pattern a day in advance.

Residual rains from Hurricane Ida delayed painting of road striping, which has now been completed.  A run through test of signals presented a malfunctioning unit.  The unit is now being replaced, and will be tested before the new traffic pattern takes effect.  
R-Cut stands for restricted crossing U-turn. This traffic pattern, in use in other states, will be the first R-Cut in West Virginia.  It will alleviate congestion at the intersection during peak traffic times by limiting left hand turns at key areas, which have caused traffic to back up in long queues on Oakwood Road and Corridor G. 

The R-Cut design brings the level of service for the area from a C or D to a A or B, keeping traffic flowing more smoothly even during peak hours such as morning and afternoon rush hour and holiday seasons.  ​​