` WVDOH announces winners of 20th annual Bridge Design and Build competition


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WVDOH announces winners of 20th annual Bridge Design and Build competition

CHARLESTON, WV – The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) has announced the winners for the 20th annual West Virginia Bridge Design and Build Contest.

The event was held on Saturday, March 27, 2021, and WVDOH was impressed by all 27 teams for their patience and diligence in competing virtually. 
Frankfort High School and Midland Trail Middle School will be taking home the coveted traveling trophies this year; trophies that have not traveled since the 2019 competition, due to COVID-19. This year, the students impressed WVDOH with more than just their bridge-building skills; competing from their homes and classrooms, bravely calling in with their technical difficulties, and operating with a winning spirit in the toughest contest yet.
The contest pits teams of high school and middle school students from all over West Virginia against one another to see who can come up with the lowest cost bridge designs. The West Virginia Division of Highways sponsors the annual contest in hopes of inspiring a new generation of engineers through fun, hard work, and prize money. This year, BridgeWalk awarded free family tours of the New River Gorge Bridge to each of the 99 student teams who competed, including those who did not advance to the final competition. Every student who makes it to the finals receives $100. First place winners take home $500, second place winners receive $400 and third place winners get $300.
Winning teams and participants in Saturday’s finals:
High School Division
  • 7Salamanders, Garrett Ferguson and Jonathan Lewis, Frankfort High School, First Place.
  • Pier Pressure, Paisley Tabor, Hurricane High School, Second Place.
  • BridgeBridge, Andrea Miller, Greenbrier East High School, Third Place.
  • TBridge, Trinity Teixeira, Pikeview High School.
  • Jerry Bones, Justin Lester, Pikeview High School.
  • Season of Steel, Callia Yang and Maximus Yang, George Washington High School.
  • Bland, Austin Casto and Andrew Canterberry, St. Albans High School.
  • Nyck and Holly, Benjamin Chambers and Hannah Jones, Pikeview High School.
  • TayK, Caelan Adkins and Dallas Napier, Wayne High School.
  • Emma S, Emma Sherman, Musselman High School.
  • Bean Team, Keegan Bennett and Payton Mandell, Frankfort High School.
  • Spartan Bridge, William Gabbert, Greenbrier East High School.
  • Frankford Federalists, Malachi Crews, Greenbrier East High School.
  • Two Bachelorettes, Allyson Young and Eva McLeod, Frankfort High School.
  • Truss The Bridge, Benjamin Blackwell and Ayden Legg, St. Albans High School.
  • Fortnite, Gabe Paxton and Jed White, Greenbrier East High School.
  • Lily, Laura Tecci, Greenbrier East High School.
  • Snazzy Jazzers, Mary Lilly and Matthew Williams, Pikeview High School.
  • Swag Money, Justin McCullough and Jackson Hefner, Greenbrier East High School.
  • Turtle Squad 7.0, Justin Dargo and Hunter Hall, Woodrow Wilson High School.
Middle School Division
  • Thinkers, Jason Cramer, Midland Trail High (Middle) School, First Place.
  • Silas & Tyler, Silas Yates and Tyler Luketic, Mountain Ridge Middle School, Second Place.
  • BridgeBot, Aiden Miller, Princeton Middle School, Third Place.
  • Panther Pride, Jillian Campbell, DuPont Middle School.
  • RMS is Best, Peyton Milleson, Romney Middle School.
  • Blossom, Holly Ward, Midland Trail High (Middle) School.
  • Bridge Boi’s, Ariel Smith, Romney Middle School.