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WVDOH Crews Repairing Star City Sinkhole


West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) crews are currently working to replace the  section of drainpipe that is suspected to be the cause of a sinkhole in Star City.

Over the past week, WVDOH crews used a dye test to isolate, then locate the problem. Underground, a small pipe separated which allowed water to leave the pipe and washed-out fines under the fill material, causing the sinkhole. 

To fix the problem, WVDOH crews  will be replacing the damaged section of the drainage system. 

WVDOH Deputy State Highway Engineer of Division Operations Joe Pack said equipment is mobilized at the site which is near the former Texas Roadhouse location on Monongahela Boulevard.

Work began Monday to uncover and replace the suspected section. Pack said the planned work should take 3-5 days. Weather and conditions on the ground may impact the schedule.

“We want to be sure to move with purpose but also with caution,” Pack said. “There are some pretty high-profile utilities in this area.”