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WVDOH recognized with award for commitment to safety



The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) has been recognized for its commitment to safety.

Recently, Encova Insurance presented the WVDOH with a safety recognition award for 2023. WVDOH was one agency selected out of 22 states for the award based on a reduction of frequency of injuries in the workplace, increase in return-to-work activity and improvement in timely reporting each of the last four years.

“This is the most important thing we do,” said Secretary of Transportation Jimmy Wriston. P.E. “This is the biggest commitment that we make as a department is to keep our workers safe. To do what we do with zero incidents. Zero. That’s the goal and we must commit to that.”

State Safety Officer Shane Hudnall said, “We all are very proud to receive this award and are planning to continue Secretary Wriston’s goal of zero injuries on the job.”

Wriston and Hudnall joined West Virginia Insurance Commissioner Allan McVey, BRIM Insurance Manager Tom Judy, Encova Safety Manager Chuck Baldwin, several officials from Encova, and WVDOH safety officials for a presentation of the award.

WVDOH safety leadership statewide includes Noah White – District 1, Thadd McClung – District 2, Melissa Jarvis – District 3, Josh Sweeney – District 4, Bill Keller – District 5, Mike Himes – District 6, Eric Dever – District 7, Mike Karlen – District 8, Tim Coffman – District 9, Terry Mullins – District 10, and WVDOH Regional Safety Seniors Melinda Mastrogiuseppe and Sarah Marsh.

“This has been a collaborative effort with crew leaders, county supervisors, maintenance assistants and District Engineer/Managers,” said Hudnall. “It really is a team effort to tackle such a huge task.”