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WVDOH takes huge step toward paperless contracting


The West Virginia Division of Highways is taking a major step toward paperless contracting by adopting a new e-Ticketing portal to automatically track the shipment of materials to construction sites.

"It makes it easier to track the appropriate use of materials, which will save taxpayers money," said Todd Rumbaugh, P.E., WVDOH Chief Engineer of Construction.

The WVDOH has worked closely with HaulHub Technologies to develop the e-Ticketing Portal to interface with the supplier’s e-Ticketing platform and allow WVDOH, and their jobsite inspectors, to seamlessly manage digital workflows in a single environment.

"We'll know instantaneously what materials have been sent to the job site," Rumbaugh said. "As soon as the truck is loaded at the plant, an electronic ticket is sent to us. We'll know exactly what's coming and how much."

E-Ticketing will allow WVDOH to improve safety for everyone on the job site and utilize inspectors more efficiently as materials are tracked in a paperless environment. The WVDOH hopes all asphalt, concrete, and aggregate suppliers will be connected to the portal by the end of the 2022 construction season, and all projects will be utilizing e-tickets for the 2023 construction season.

The portal will allow for uniformity, and one system, for WVDOH inspectors to access and consistently view construction materials being delivered to construction projects, in real time, without having to rely on paper to track the job’s progress.

Here's what contractors need to know:
  • For contractors with existing e-Ticketing services, the WVDOH Portal provides API access, and HaulHub will assist in setting up this connection.
  • For contractors without a provider, HaulHub can also provide a no-cost solution to ensure that tickets are sent to the WVDOH portal.
  • We encourage all asphalt, concrete, and aggregate suppliers to reach out to HaulHub directly, or visit to  begin the process of connecting e-tickets. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to WVDOH Contract Administration Division.​