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WVDOH to put in four-way stop at Jefferson County intersection pending traffic signal


The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) will put in a four-way stop at a Jefferson County intersection leading to Washington High School until a traffic signal can be installed.

Sheetz is building a convenience store across from the intersection of Washington Patriots Drive and Augustine Avenue, just off US 340 near Charles Town. While the construction contract calls for Sheetz to pay for a traffic
signal to serve the intersection, local officials are concerned about traffic through the intersection in the interim. Augustine Avenue provides access to Washington High School.

Sheetz is also paying to widen Augustine Avenue to provide additional turn lanes and improve traffic flow through the intersection.

WVDOH traffic engineers did a detailed traffic study at the intersection and determined a four-way stop would be the best solution to control traffic until a traffic signal is installed. Calculations show installing a temporary signal would create longer backups and wait times than the four-way intersection.

Augustine Avenue carries about 2,600 cars a day, while Huyett Road carries about 2,400. The new Sheetz is expected to bring fewer than 200 additional vehicles from US 340 in the peak hour.

Meanwhile, the WVDOH will expedite the bidding process for a new traffic signal.​​