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WVDOH work crews sink 11 pilings in one day on Airport Road in Charleston


West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) drilling crews are using their own workers and equipment to expedite construction of a pile retaining wall to fix a slip along Airport Road in Charleston.
On Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023, WVDOH crews drilled 11 holes and sank 11 steel pilings along the side of the road, which provides access to West Virginia International Yeager Airport, and were set to match that number on Wednesday, Feb. 22.
West Virginia Transportation Secretary Jimmy Wriston, P.E., said that's more than many contractors might get done in two weeks.
MEDIA: For raw video of piling wall work, CLICK HERE.
Over the past few years, the WVDOH has invested in four drills and trained their work crews to use them. The WVDOH often uses contractors to drill or install piling walls, but contractors aren’t always available when the WVDOH needs them.

WVDOH drilling crews don't take the place of contractors, but give the WVDOH additional options for getting needed work done quickly.
WVDOH work crews have gotten very good at drilling and installing piling walls.
“They’re the best bargain in state government,” Wriston said. “These guys know what they’re doing. In a couple of weeks we’ll be finished up there.”

Slip repair along Airport Road has been in the works for some time. The WVDOH had even helped the airport get an Industrial Access Road Grant to pay for the work.
“They went through part of the process and realized they really didn’t have the matching money to complete the project,” Wriston said.
Working with Gov. Jim Justice and airport officials, it was agreed that the airport would give the grant money back and the WVDOH would make the slip repairs on Airport Road.