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WVDOT posts immediate job openings for engineer trainees and other positions

CHARLESTON, WV – With billions of dollars-worth of roadwork taking place under Gov. Jim Justice’s Roads To Prosperity highway construction program, the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) is aggressively recruiting new employees for several positions within its Division of Highways. 
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A particular emphasis is being placed on hiring engineer trainees at this time. Engineer trainees are engineers who have graduated from college, but who still need several years of on-the-job training before they can get their engineering licenses.

“We’re in the middle of a hiring blitz for engineer trainees,” said Jake Bumgarner, Director of the Division of Highways’ Operations Division. “We’ve even conducted some great interviews already, but there’s definitely still a need for engineer trainees and I hope to see many more qualified candidates apply soon.”

In addition to engineering jobs, current career listings available include attorneys, bridge safety inspectors, county administrators, crew chiefs, equipment operators, resource specialists, supply specialists, transportation workers, and more. Listings are updated throughout the week as they become available, and there are job openings in all parts of the state.

“In the past, we had been hampered by problems with both recruiting and retaining potential employees,” said Julian Woods, Human Resources Director for the WVDOT. “But recently, we’ve made several changes to make the hiring process better for everyone involved.”

In the past, hiring officials were forced to fill vacancies one position at a time. But now, a new system is in place that allows a panel of supervisors from several districts across the state and several divisions within the WVDOT to sit in on interviews for numerous candidates at the same time. When a candidate is not the right fit for a particular position in one district, that applicant might be the perfect fit for another.

“It all focuses on creating a path for employees to stay with the WVDOT from when they’re hired to when they’re retire,” Woods continued. “We also place an emphasis on empowering our employees, by providing them with career counseling and training to, one day, advance within the organization.”

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